Whatever the industry, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

KIVORO is the culmination of many years working in the additives and nanotechnology sector. 

Through continuous innovation we have developed extensive cross industry know-how and expertise in the specialty chemicals sector. See how our additives can help your industry or sector and get in touch if you have any other challenge.

Industries we work in

Construction Industry

We have developed a number of high impact additives that help the sector both improve performance and face the climate change challenge.


We have a variety of products in development and commercially available for use. 


We have products in development which enhance the resistance of coatings to both climatic and physical changes.


We have a number of products both in development and commercially available.

Applications already developed

It’s the little things that make a big difference. We understand that solving an industrial challenge with our high performance additives makes a positive impact at every level. 
We believe that true innovation never stops, so neither do we. We believe that it is time for your industry to benefit from our expertise. Below are just some of the applications that we are working on, if you require innovation in another area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cement Enhancer

A specialty admixture based on nanotechnology optimised to improve the durability of concrete used in highly corrosive environments. Our admixture improves both durability and mechanical properties of concrete increasing the service life of concrete structures by as much as 50%. High Performance Admixture that modifies the microstructure of the cement which provides: Increased durability, High resistance against chloride penetration, Water uptake reduction, High carbonation resistance, Improved gas barrier properties, Increased compressive strength.

Energy storage

We have ongoing research and development in this application and we are producing additives that can help overcome problems with next generation supercapacitors, battery cyclability and other challenges.


Our additive provides increased durability, higher flexural strength and reduced electrical conductivity enabling a possible reduction in material usage in a given application. 


This groundbreaking additive brings improvements in gas barrier properties, corrosion resistance and UV protection. 


Specialised additive for waterborne adhesives that improves a number of key characteristics: tensile strength, toughness, T-peel strength and lap-shear strength and maintains transparency. 

Rubber Latex

Our research and development is ongoing, our innovations achieved to date include: improvement of mechanical properties, gas barrier properties, corrosion resistance and enhanced UV protection. 

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