Frequently Asked Questions

Our main activity
What are KIVORO's main areas of activities?
We're a specialty chemicals company that is committed to provide sustainable chemical solutions to some of the most pressing industrial challenges of our time. Our client base is truly international and our activities span from developing solutions for construction, energy storage, composites, paper and packaging, coatings and adhesives to name just a few. This list is constantly growing so please get in touch to find out more.
Do you only work with graphene?
No! We're focused on addressing your challenge, which includes finding and producing the best possible chemical solution.
I've got some development issues with my application and need to improve the properties of my composite. Can you help?
Let's talk! Our experts will listen to your challenges and will quickly identify if we can help.
Who can I contact if I need help with my industrial challenge?
Contact our team to explore how we might be able to help. Link here: https://www.kivoro.com/contact